Yes, indeed!  My work is all about using amazing quantities of brightly colored oil paint to create paintings which look completely different up close than they do from across a room.  Up close you notice the rich, creamy, luscious textures like this--

From farther away, it all blends together into an impressionist rendering of a a fantastic landscape, a sort of paradise of peace, or perhaps an energetic ramble on a woodland path with the trees around us erupting in the fiery colors of autumn.

If you've never seen one of my paintings in person, then you have very little idea what they're really like.  You've got to see them in person to understand.

"What, you mean that you're willing to part with these totally unique paintings?"  The short answer is "YES!"  How in the world do you think I can afford to continue making these marvels!  Yeah, believe it or not, the best way to "support the arts" (like I keep hearing on TV and radio ads) is to actually BUY ARTWORK!  :)  Now, there are a few ways to purchase my work.  If you live in the Cleveland area, please go to the Dick Kleinman Fine Art Gallery and buy one from Dick.  He's a great guy and you'll love visiting his gallery with his vast collection of Dr. Seuss artwork.  It's a hoot!  If you're in the Columbus area, please take a trip to the Short North area and visit the Art Exchange.  They're art consultants who can tackle any job from selling a painting for your home to building your corporate art collection for your Fortune 500 company.  If you don't live in the Cleveland or Columbus areas, you may buy directly from my studio.  Feel free to call or email me for a quote on a painting.  I live in the Dayton, Ohio area, but I can ship them anywhere in the world. 
Hey, why not? :)  Actually, many of the people who have bought my works have come back to acquire more later.  I really love these folks.  If you're one of them, just know that I appreciate your support and the fact that you are directly responsible for me being able to continue creating work.  Thanks!
If you have any questions or comments about my work, or would like to schedule an appointment to visit my studio and view my paintings in person, feel free to contact me via email or telephone.  The phone messages usually go to my voice mail, but I check it and my email daily (sometimes too many times a day!) and will respond to you soon.  Click the contact link above for more info.
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